There are new pieces of equipment or ideas introduced in every sport from time to time and while some work extremely well, others fall flat.

In hockey, for example, the glowing puck was one of those ideas that may have seemed good at one point, but was an absolute disaster.

What we're about to show the hockey world now is something that we would never want to see in an NHL game, but maybe in an All-Star game because of how laid back and fun the event is.

Don't worry, it's not the Glowing Puck 2.0, but it is something that goalies could find useful.



Tag a tendy that would try this 😂 #TendyTuesday

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Obviously there are limitations for netminders using the goalie chair, but if you're lazy one game and want to still play at a passable level, this invention is for you.

Like we said before, though, we'd never want to see this in the NHL.  Imagine, though, Carey Price and other goalies using this in the All-Star game or Skills Competition.  That would be entertaining to say the least.


If anyone out there tries to use this during a mens league game, please send us the footage because we, along with the rest of the hockey world, would love to see it.

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