It goes without saying that the most exciting and important NHL event happening this week is the expansion draft.

On June 21st, the Vegas Golden Knights will be announcing their team at the NHL awards, and now that the list of players each team protected's out, anticipation is at an all-time high.


Ahead of the draft, the Golden Knights have been active on Twitter asking fans of the other teams who they should take from their teams.

After a few generic tweets, the Golden Knights got creative and humorous when asking who they should take from teams.

The humour and creativity shouldn't surprise anyone as the Golden Knights have one of the best Twitter accounts in the league already.

What also shouldn't surprise anyone is the fact that some fans replying to the tweets don't know how to spell the names of players.

Spell correctly when answering the questions people and be sure to follow the Golden Knights on Twitter as there are still a lot of teams left they still haven't asked fans about.

(H/T: Vegas Golden Knights)