Do you follow the Vegas Golden Knights on Twitter? If you don’t, stop what you’re doing and hit that big blue ‘Follow’ button. They may not have any actual NHL games under their belt, but they have already long surpassed the other 30 teams in the social media department.

First of all, their tweets regarding their position as a new franchise will continue to be hilarious until game number one.

Beyond that, they are keeping with the times. For example, the Mayweather/McGregor fight came to their home arena and the clever Golden Knights took full advantage of the publicity.

Of course they need to keep their fans updated on their roster as it changes as well.

They’ve also shown that they are not afraid to stand up to the big, established accounts.

Most importantly, they are extremely responsive to the fans. It seems like almost anyone that @’s them gets a reply:

They even took the time to reply to one of our articles.

There was also this hilarious and confusing exchange with a Twitter user named Luke:

We can only hope that their hilarious social presence continues once they start actually focusing on hockey games, but for now we can just enjoy.

(H/T Twitter/GoldenKnights)