One of the biggest perks of playing for the Golden Knights has to be Las Vegas' warm weather in the winter.

Monday, the Knights traveled to Edmonton to play the Oilers where it was -7° Celsius and snowing. Meanwhile, back in Vegas, the temperature was 22° Celsius and sunny, a difference of nearly 30°. It didn't take the Knights' Twitter account to notice just how cold the weather was, or the fact that they were entering a winter wonderland.



That's right...for the first time in the team's short history...the Golden Knights got the chance to play in a city while it was snowing. Although, considering nearly every player on the team comes from some sort of cold weather climate, we doubt anyone really minded. But it was definitely worth noting.

Also worth noting? The fact that the Knights roll into town still sitting in second place in the Pacific division, 7 points ahead of the Oilers. That's why they decided to neutralize the snow with a little heat.