NBA fans hopeful that it wouldn’t be another year of Cavaliers vs. Warriors in the final would be very disappointed with the Houston Rockets’ performance last night.

After going up 3-2 in the seven-game series, the Rockets slipped up and dropped both games 6 and 7 to the reigning NBA champs. Part of the reason was the absence of star guard Chris Paul, but a bigger reason was the Rockets’ historically bad performance from behind the arc.

It all started when they were up 42-28 in the second quarter. At this point, the Rockets were handling the Warriors. Unfortunately they couldn’t sustain, and ended up putting up a big zero on their next 27 three point attempts. 0 for 27!


This was the beginning of the end for an overmatched Rockets team. It lead to an ugly 15.9% shooting from three-point range, which was also out setting records. Pair that next to the Warriors 41% from behind the line and, well, that's a clear indication of how the game transpired. 


Definitely not something you want to be remembered for, particularly when you were on the verge of breaking the Cavs-Warriors final streak that has come to be second nature to NBA fans.


(H/T SportsCenter)