Welcome to Carolina, Mr. Paquette.

The Hurricanes acquired the 2020 Stanley Cup champ over the weekend and they’re already making him feel at home… kind of. Well actually, not all if anything it’s the contrary. There’s nothing like giving the new guy in town a bit of the rookie treatment, and the Canes did exactly that with the guy’s new nameplate in the locker room. Who needs a name when you can just be known as the ‘New Guy’?


We’re sure he’ll take it, not a bad transaction going from the last placed Sens to the contending Hurricanes! Ain’t that right new guy!


Galchenyuk, who was also sent over to Carolina from Ottawa, was place on waivers, hence Paquette being the only ‘new guy’. Carolina is hoping his Cup pedigree can help them defeat his former Lighting and ultimately go to the cup. If they find a way to get a ring, his better say his new nickname on it.

(H/T Hurricanes)