For the fourth time in his career, goaltender Ryan Miller will don a new uniform next summer. Another move not only presented the chance to rock new colours, but also to design a new helmet.

At 37, The American is now a family man and wanted to incorporate them onto his new mask. So on the back, he included a silhouette piece of his wife, son, and dog on a beach.

Embedded Image

There was no way ‘Miller Time’ was going to be left off either. Pretty incredible stuff. The rest of the helmet is available if you swipe below:



It’s tough to distinguish what exactly is on the front, but it looks like either an evil looking duck, tribute to the old Mighty Ducks cartoon, or a dinosaur.

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Miller joins an enormous list of goaltenders that decided to shake things up a bit with their new piece of equipment. Where does this one stand out in your mind?

(H/T Bishop Designs)