The Los Angeles Kings held a 90s Night on Saturday against the Edmonton Oilers, and they went as far as to bring back the infamous “Glow Puck” of FOX broadcasts from the 90s (for some replay angles during intermission, at least).

That wasn’t all, though. The Kings even went as far as to invite the “legendary” hockey broadcaster, Surrey’s own Tony Babcock, to the booth as a guest commentator, treating fans to such classic calls as, “Holy smokes, that’s enough spicy mustard on that hot dog to make you regret your choices tomorrow morning.”



Tonight's Hockey Night in LA was perfect with Hockey Analyst, Tony Babcock 👀

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Now, you’d be forgiven if you couldn’t quite recall Babcock from the 90s, because he is, in fact, Silicon Valley lead Thomas Middleditch in a vintage blazer and a sweater vest. Still though, with a classic ‘90s-type broadcaster’ on their own broadcast, even calling some of the game’s final few minutes late, the Kings really did go above and beyond for 90’s Night.

In addition to Babcock and the return of the glow puck, the Kings also had players weigh in on their favorite player from the 90s, as well as their favorite TV show. Austin Wagner, apparently, thinks The Office is a show from the 90s.

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