Regardless of the sport, there's nothing like a unique handshake with your teammates.

Whether it's before a game, after a big play, or during before a critical moment in a game, a good handshake can always get your fired up and get your blood pumping as you anxiously prepare to take on the task at hand or celebrate accomplishing it.



Is this the coolest pregame ritual in hockey? (Via @stlouisblues)

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Baseball players are known for their elaborate celebrations, but hockey players have shown they are near their level.

Ahead of the Capitals and Leafs game Tuesday, TSN's Kristen Shilton recorded the team's pregame handshake line led by Matt Martin.

Marner, Matthews and Rielly clearly have the most unique handshakes of the bunch.



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Expect to see the handshake line get blown up even more once (if) the Leafs are in the playoffs.  It's pretty awesome.


(H/T: Kristen Shilton)