In case you haven’t been on social media yet, Sidney Crosby scored his 1,000th (and 1,001st and 1,002nd) point tonight against the Winnipeg Jets.

It has been a fascinating career for Crosby who has been widely considered the best player in the NHL for nearly the duration of his career. Now that he’s back on top, it’s easy to forget the tough times though.

Crosby had serious concussion issues that took more than a full season away from him, but he has come back strong over the past couple seasons.

But, it hasn’t been without help.

In fact, we have an exact list of how many people helped him on the ice, because the Penguins PR released a list of 110 players that contributed at least one point to Crosby’s first 1,000 and it’s an amazing list.

Evgeni Malkin was the easy one, as he and Crosby will be tied together forever, as they have played all of their first 12 seasons together. The top 5 works out to be a pretty perfect top 5, as it forms a kind of ideal line for Sid.

Kunitz – Crosby – Malkin

Gonchar – Letang

It’s also interesting to see names like Mark Recchi, John LeClair and Ziggy Palffy on there as well. In fact, Palffy might be the most interesting, because it shows how great his chemistry was with Crosby.

They only played 42 games together in Crosby’s rookie year, yet he still contributed on 23 points.