The NBA Finals are set.

LeBron and the Lakers will meet Dwyane Wade and the Heat starting on Wednesday, when they’ll compete for the NBA title.

Of course, if you’re a Raptors fan, you’re okay with this ending. It’s still probably a sore spot knowing that  Toronto will not repeat, despite such a strong showing, but there’s definitely some peace in knowing Marcus Smart won’t win, right?

Smart was the ultimate thorn in the Raptors side for their entire playoff series, and he definitely managed to play the bad guy for Canadian fans with both his play on the court, and his tweets.

Remember this one, guys?


Yep, us too.

Raptors fans were cheering for literally anyone but the Celtics to move on, so at least they can chalk their demise up to a win. Of course, they were also quick to jump on the Twitter troll train.






At least we got this one, Raps fans.


(H/T: Twitter)