The Masters are quickly approaching and although it is typically one of the sporting world's pricier events, you might be surprised to see how affordable the menu at Augusta is.

You would think the club would just boost the prices (considering people are already paying wild amounts to watch in the first place) but nah, that’s simply not the case, and may we add it’s far from it. If you take a close look, you won’t find a food item over $3. That includes sandwiches and a variety of breakfast items.

Heck, even beers are reasonably priced!


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To think beers at a hockey game can go for up to $18… smh!

Okay, so this one is definitely one of the cheapest menus in all of pro sports. The only one that really compares is the Atlanta Falcons’, who made a point out of offering their fans affordable food items with the opening of their new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Definitely extra incentive to attend a Falcons game, that’s for sure!


So, you have $5 in your pocket at Augusta. What are you buying? Don’t forget to tune into TSN’s coverage of The Masters starting Thursday!