Everyone has a frustrating day at work every now and again, and when your job is as unpredictable and publicized as that of a professional athlete?

We can imagine things can get pretty stressful.

Which is why we don’t blame Mavs’ power forward Luka Doncic for his wild exhibit of frustration following an air ball on a three in the dying seconds of the second corner.

We don’t blame him at all. In fact, we’re a little impressed.



In a display of both anger and surprising strength, Doncic literally goes Hulk Mode and rips his jersey right at the collar.

Now THAT’S a frustrating day at work.

The Mavs were actually up by two points when Doncic went off, and went on to redeem himself with these sick handles in the following quarter.



It’s all about the bounce back.

The Mavs went on to down the Clippers 98-106, and Doncic lead Dallas in the assists category, so maybe a little anger is the best form of motivation for the 19-year-old.

(H/T: Twitter/SportsCentre)