We’re not sure what his special teams capabilities are, but we think the Montreal Canadiens newest recruit is an excellent addition to the franchise.

Following suit with other NHL teams like the Blues and the Rangers  announced earlier this year that they, too, would be adopting a service puppy to help train. 

The team held a fan vote to pick the name for the Saint-Pierre Labernese pup, and the people have spoken.


The adorable pup has been named Flambo, and seems to be settling into his position as a hockey dog very well.



Flambo seems to have made fast friends with the entire Canadiens roster, and we don’t blame them. Superstar Max Domi seems to be especially enthralled by the team’s four-legged addition.

The pup will eventually be a great companion and guide dog, and hopefully, a leading scorer.

(H/T: Instagram/@canadiensmtl)