Obviously every hockey fan is looking forward to June 18th (protection lists released to the public) and June 21st (NHL expansion draft), but there's another date in between that fans should also be excited for.

As many of you know, Adidas will be making the jerseys for every NHL team for the upcoming season, and on June 20th, the new sweaters will be revealed.

Adidas and every NHL team has been teasing fans, though, with pictures that don't really reveal a ton about the jerseys.

Although the wait isn't much longer now until the reveal of the jerseys, Oilers fans may not have to wait for June 20th.

As per icethetics.com, this might be the Oilers Adidas home jersey:


Obviously nobody knows for sure if the leaked Edmonton jersey is in fact their new Adidas sweater.

Until June 20th, all we can do is speculate, but for now, here's what icethetics had to say about the jersey and if it was the real thing or not:

"At first glance, it seems like the real deal. It's got the darker blue that's been long reported. There's even a new striping pattern modeled after the club's classic design.

But for me, it all sort of hinges on the collar. Obviously it's an eyesore, but it does match what we saw at the Adidas/NHL coming out party last fall — also known as the World Cup of Hockey. So that's promising."

That said, there are some inconstancies, as pointed out by icethetics.com:

"However, it's pretty obviously white in this photo. But does it align with the official teaser photo released by Adidas yesterday that seems to show no white at the back of the collar?"


That isn't the only inconsistency, though:

"There's another rub. That same teaser image also shows a nameplate with white letters and a blue outline. One would expect the numbers to match since they normally do. In the alleged leaked images, we see blue outlined in white — the reverse. But keep in mind that Calgary's red jersey uses white letters outlined in black with black numbers outlined in white and yellow. So it's not a deal breaker."

We're not even going to try and guess if this jersey is the real deal, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on the jersey.

Also, be sure to visit icethetics.com for a full breakdown of the sweater.

(H/T: icethetics)