The NHL is gearing up to release all 31 of its new Adidas reverse retro jerseys and one fan couldn’t help but pick up on one funny coincidence.

Adidas released a tease of every new uniform and it looks like the Devils’ is going to feature a wholllllleeeee lot of green, which holds a bit of extra significance right now. Just eight days ago, the city happened to legalize recreational marijuana, which one fan couldn’t help but point out on Twitter. So like any good NHL social media team would, the Devils’ responded with a pretty clever tweet of their own. Definitely one of the stranger exchanges we’ve seen between and NHL team and a fan but  hey, it’s 2020 people.


As for the best response in the thread? Definitely this one:


Could Brandon not have made a joke about the Oscar the Grouch? Or the jersey looking like a Christmas tree? Anyways, well done, Devils.

If you haven’t already seen the colours for your team…. Take a look at this video. It moves fast, so watch closely and try to spot your squad!



@adidashockey teasin’ 👀

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We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for these beauties to get released. Coincidence Devils… we think not!

(H/T New Jersey Devils)