Thursdayโ€™s game between the New Jersey Devils and the Toronto Maple Leafs will also be 80s Night at the Prudential Center, which means a couple of things, including themed game presentation and giveaways for attending fans in Newark as well as the return of a rather lovely vintage jersey.

Mostly, though, it means the Devils are busting out their very best technicolor outfits for the social media push. The Miami Heat should watch out, because Nico Hischier, Kyle Palmieri and company are coming for the neon pastel throne.

With how great these outfits look, itโ€™s almost a shame that the Devils will be taking to the ice in their vintage jerseys. As sweet as they are, with the reintroduction of green trim to the design, you can just see the potential for neon jerseys akin to the Heatโ€™s Vice Nights alternates. Granted, New Jersey isnโ€™t quite the hotbed for 80s culture that Miami can be, but why let that get in the way of a dope jersey?

The Los Angeles Kings also held a retro promotion this week with a 90s Night event, and they truly went above and beyond with the revival of FOXโ€™s old Glow Puck gimmick. It was only used in intermission replays, so not quite the same, but you know, maybe that was for the best.

h/t Twitter/NJDevils