Well, you can count the New Orleans Saints as the newest member of the New York Islanders bandwagon, and the reason doesn’t really have much to do with the team. In fact, you can blame Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy and an old New York lacrosse team for their recent fandom.

Let us explain.

If you can recall, Cassidy described the Isles as making themselves out to be the ‘New York Saints’ in the series as a result of the team getting called for hardly any penalties. Then, a lacrosse goalie who actually played for New York’s old lacrosse team (which happened to be called the Saints!) took things a step forward and chirped Cassidy for his comments. Well, it was the Saints turn to get in on the action, and we think you’ll agree that they did a pretty great job with their response to a ‘Saints’ chant that broke out towards the end of the Isles’ 6-2 win.

Turns out they’re quite the hockey fans over in NO!


Not quite as loud as the chants in the Super Dome but hey, we love seeing them get in on the action. They even followed  through with a congratulatory tweet!



Cassidy might be regretting his comments right about now… the Saints are marching, baby! We’ll see if they can keep the ball rolling in the semis against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who knows, maybe a few players will be in attendance at the next game?!

(H/T Saints)