Serena Williams appears hungrier than ever to win a Grand Slam championship.

The 36-year-old recently gave birth to her first child but didn’t take long to make her way back onto the court. Williams miraculously managed to work her way to the Wimbledon final before dropping the match 6-3, 6-3 to Angelique Kerber, but luckily another Grand Slam is on the Horizon; the U.S. Open. The Michigan native has captured 5 championships at the tournament and will be striving for her 23rd overall in the coming weeks. To get her fans pumped, Nike released an epic commercial which uses footage of her as a child.


Goosebumps? Yup.

This wasn’t the first time a commercial has been based off of footage of Williams as a kid. In fact, Gatorade released one in 2015 using the exact clips for an ad of their own.


Williams enters the grand slam ranked 17th and is hoping for another improbable title run.

How will she do?

(H/T Serena Williams)