Earlier this month the New York Rangers introduced Ranger, an adorable puppy they’ll be training during the upcoming NHL season to become a professional service dog for a child with autism. This week, the New York Islanders followed in their cross town rivals’ footsteps as they also introduced an adorable puppy they’ll be training this year to become a guide dog.

Through a partnership with the Guide Dog Foundation, the Islanders will take care of all the costs needed to fully train, breed and raise the puppy, which will be around $50,000, and they’re letting fans vote on the name.

There are several names to choose from on the sign-up sheet, which includes eight boy names and five girl names to choose from.

BOY NAMES – Radar, Stanley, Flash, Lucky, Bauer, Easton, Checker, Biscuit

GIRL NAMES – Meadow, Connie, Shadow, Hattie, Coli

The Islanders will also raise money for the Guide Dog Foundation through their third annual Pucks & Paws calendar.

(H/T Twitter/NYIslanders)