The NHL is often joked about as having some of the most tame personalities, but when someone does standout from the rest, they really stand out.

Like Brent Burns. He is basically a caricature of what someone might draw up when you said a Canadian hockey player. He’s missing half of his smile, he’s got a wild beard matched by equally wild and long hair and he’s great at hockey. He’d be perfect as a character in a wrestling match and he mighty just get that opportunity.

Whenever Joe Thornton is able to return, the bearded Sharks duo might have an opportunity to step into a WWE ring against another bearded tag team who is apparently threatened by their beards.

It’s unfortunate that Joe Thornton’s hurt at the moment, because we would have loved to see these two bring it into a wrestling ring. A TLC match with a couple of Sharks could have been loads of fun.

We’ve seen several other athletes crossover into the ring, so it’s about time a hockey player did the same.