A lot of hockey players trying to improve go to camps in the summer to do so, but we would also recommend that players get back to learning the fundamentals of hockey.

There's only one way to learn the fundies, and that's by watching the on.the.bench boys and letting them teach you all they know.


The boys aren't just teaching their followers the fundies, though.  They've also been teaching NHLers a few tips as they prepare for the upcoming season.


After teaching Jeff Carter how to celebrate, the boys couldn't get any revenge on Kyle Clifford as they gave him some tips on hitting.

Clifford had 146 hits last year, but these fundamentals may help him exceed his career high of 200, which he set during the 2014-15 season.

While in California, the boys also saw some members of the Ducks, but it wasn't during a formal eppie, it was more of an interruption.


So, where are the boys headed next?  Arizona is the answer to that question and we can only imagine who they'll be teaching the fundies to next.


(H/T: On.the.bench)