It's officially February and the second month of the year is an important one in the NHL on and off the ice as February is Hockey Is For Everyone month.

All month long, the National Hockey League will support their long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion in hockey through a number of different initiatives.

Each team also designated one player to be a Hockey Is For Everyone Ambassador and those 31 Player Ambassadors were revealed on Thursday.

As you can see, Matt Murray will be the Penguins' ambassador for Hockey Is For Everyone month, but rather than responding to this wonderful news in a positive way, this fan decided to go the opposite route.

Rather than not responding, the Penguins' Twitter account decided to reply in a very polite and respectful way that put this fan in his place.

Hockey is for everyone and if you don't support inclusion in hockey (or any other sport for that matter), then take the Penguins' advice because hockey (and every sport) should be able to be enjoyed by everyone in this world.

(H/T: /r/hockey)