It's parade day in America's capital city as the Washington Capitals continue to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory. The parade has come with lots of moments, most of which include Alex Ovechkin holding the Stanley Cup in some capacity.

While many fans are wondering if the Russian will ever let go of the new love of his life (the Cup, sorry Nastya), the Caps social media guy used it as an opportunity to pull off a hilarious reveal.



Wait for it... . (📽: Twitter/Washington Capitals)

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Yup, just as you'd expect, Ovi still has the cup. Not only are they together, he's just casually holding the 30+ lbs trophy above his head, which appears to have become the preferred position for the Caps sniper. 

Seriously, just look at his face. It's as though there's nothing strange about it at all. 

(H/T Twitter/Washington Capitals)