For the better part of our collective childhoods here at BarDown we have been playing sports video games. NHL, FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, NCAA College Baseball, Rockstar Table name it we've played it.

So what happens when you spend just as much time in front of a screen playing sports games as you do watching live sporting events? Every thought we have gets passed through a distinct, pixel based filter. With that we present to you our newest series...Thumb League.

This week, we’re making out prediction for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup and it involves the Penguins channeling one of our weirdest childhood memories: The Claymation TV show “Pingu”.

If you’re not familiar with the show, Pingu is a penguin who just always seems to get himself into trouble while making silly noises and movements across the ice. We’re pretty sure that accurately describes whatever it is that’s happening in this video.

Still confused about what you just watched? This might give you a little more insight.

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