Ever had an embarrassing moment you just canโ€™t seem to escape? One where no matter what happens, people seem to remember that one really embarrassing thing you did?

If this situation sounds familiar to you, you can probably relate to how the Nashville Predators feel about their infamous banner raising incident. The Preds raised a โ€˜Regular Season Western Conference Championsโ€™ banner back in 2018, and have yet to hear the end of it. 



Nashville has had to put up with more than a few jokes at their expense over the banner, and the Golden Knights tried to take a crack at them following their division win over the Avs last night. 



Definitely shots fired, especially when the Knights didnโ€™t have to involve a team that was already eliminated. Let them enjoy Broadway in peace, guys. 

The Preds definitely got the last laugh though, and honestly, good for them. 



Boom. Roasted. 

(H/T: PredsNHL)