One of the Raptors’ most beloved throwback looks is coming back for their 25th season in the NBA. The Dino and the pinstripes are returning!

The Raptors wore this jersey for the first four years of team history, from 1995 to 1999. Maybe Kyle Lowry knew the jerseys were coming back ahead of time, too, since he was rocking the vintage Damon Stoudamire jersey at the Raptors championship parade.



Per the @raptors, “The return of The Dino” is coming soon... 👀

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Day 1 fit, 25 years later.

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‘95 to the chip. The return of the OG.

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It’s not only that the Raptors aren’t bringing this back, but they’ll have a little extra flair to add to the old design as well. Imagine this beauty with the gold championship tab on the back — that’s going to be something special. (It’s almost too bad that the Raptors didn’t bring Vince Carter back to go with these jerseys!)

A Reddit user previously leaked images of a throwback hardwood court expected to be used by the Raptors this season in tandem with their classic jerseys.

For Canadian basketball diehards who may remember that the Raptors came into the league at the same time as the Vancouver Grizzlies, it’s true that the Grizzlies are celebrating their 25th anniversary in the NBA as well. They may be based in Memphis now, but they’re going to celebrate their heritage by bringing back this classic Vancouver jersey as well this season.


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