We love a good throwback jersey, and we also love cutting the sleeves off our shirts in the summer.

So for us, the Cincinnati Reds rocking these beautiful sleeveless throwbacks was a perfect marriage of two great things. 



The Reds rocked their 1956 throwbacks against Cleveland today, and the bicep game was VERY strong. 





Outfielder Yasiel Puig might have been the star of the show, though, and as ESPN pointed out, it looked like he had been training  his entire life for the sleeveless game. Puig is already known to be a pretty tough customer, and seeing his arms in their full glory was just confirmation for us that we would absolutely not mess with him.  



Though the Reds might have dropped this one 11-1, they definitely won the tough guy look competition by a mile. The only downside to letting the guns breathe?

Extra sunscreen required. 



(H/T: Twitter/Reds