The 2017 CFL season has been chalked full of highlights. What is being called the “Year of the Catch” has plastered CFL receivers across screens all season long, but the highlights are actually coming from all angles.

On Friday night, the Saskatchewan Roughriders kept the highlight reel season going and they filled the first half highlight reel in a variety of ways.

First, there was a catch; an insane one-handed diving touchdown catch from Naaman Roosevelt.

Must See: Roosevelt hauls in one-handed TD


Naaman Roosevelt with a one-handed diving touchdown! Big plays call for big celebrations 😏

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Just minutes later, Willie Jefferson pulled out his punt-blocking gloves and turned them into his touchdown gloves.

And the Special Teams’ contribution didn’t end there. Later in the quarter, highlight machine Duron Carter took a missed convert all the way back for one of the most exhausting two points you’ll ever see. It was officially clocked in at 113 yards, but he probably ran closer to 160.

If there was one thing we could have predicted at this point, it’s that the half wouldn’t end on a tame note. Sure enough, Kevin Glenn somehow squeezes his way out of pressure and makes a desperation dump to Cameron Marshall. Marshall explodes upfield, managing to helicopter his way into the abused Eskimos endzone.

Must See: Riders Marshall helicopters into the endzone


All this happened in one half against a defence that has only lost one game all season. After a convincing 41-8 win over the B.C. Lions in their last showing, it’s safe to say the Roughriders have found their stride.