Touchdown celebrations are back, and there is more thought being put into them than ever before.

Across both the NFL and CFL, the past two seasons have been fantastic for fans of a good pay-dirt celebration. Some players have become known for their creativity once they cross the goal line, but it’s the full-team celebrations that really attract a lot of attention. These aren’t impromptu, these are choreographed.

Some teams are more creative than others when it comes to the celebration game. Last year we saw the Minnesota Vikings emerge at the top of the celebration power rankings, but this year there’s a new contender. The Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks would likely want to be celebrating a little more often, however. They’ve scored the 8th least points or, but they certainly take advantage when they do. Here’s the latest from the birds.



Last week they celebrated with a little nod to the world series, staging Doug Baldwin getting “hit by a pitch” thrown by Tyler Lockett.



Watch out, Vikings. The ‘Hawks are coming for your crown. If only they could get into the end zone a little more frequently…