Seattle Kraken, welcome to the NHL.

The league's newest club announced its name and unveiled its jerseys during a live stream in front of hundreds working on the construction of Climate Pledge arena. Everything from the logo, to the jerseys, to the introduction video was killer, but their best work was arguably on their Twitter page. If you take a look at their bio, the Kraken's social team very nonchalantly let the league know that they're coming for each team's best player.



The @seattlekraken are coming for the rest of the league in their Twitter bio πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Move over Vegas, you have some competion for best social account in the league! Let's also remember that it was the Golden Knights who somehow constructed one of the NHL's best rosters back in 2017. Their first season!!!! Could Seattle be next?




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Take note NHL... Seattle is COMIN' FOR YA! RELEASE THE KRAKEN BABY!!!!

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