One of our favourite trends of the 2018/2019 hockey season has to be the slew of NHL teams that has adopted puppies to train as guide dogs.

The St Louis Blues, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens have all added canine members to their roster, and the Senators introduced theirs today. 

In conjunction with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the Sens will train the young Labrador puppy to be a valuable service dog for a person in their community. The boys met their new teammate earlier this year, and they seemed to get on quite nicely.



The Senators reached out to their fans to help them name the dog, and amid over a thousand submissions, one name stood out to the senators, and we think it might be our favourite of all the NHL puppy names we’ve heard thus far.



‘Rookie’ is set to take in his first hockey game tomorrow, when the Senators will host the Minnesota Wild at the Canadian Tire Centre. 



Though Sens fans don’t always agree about the roster moves their management makes, everyone seems to be on board with the addition of Rookie.





This NHL partnership with dogs is all we’ve ever wanted, and the only thing we’re left hoping is that all the team dogs get together for a puppy playdate.


(H/T: Twitter/@Senators