Everyone knows that Thursdays are the unofficial summer Friday, right?

Working and grinding from Monday to Friday works just fine during the months where it’s too unbearably cold to go outside anyways, but as soon as the warm weather comes to play in the summer months, who on earth has the capacity to work five days in a week?

Now that we have that cleared up, happy unofficial summer Friday, people. You made it! 

No matter how your sports teams have broken your heart this week, we hope a sunny summer weekend will make up for it. Unless of course, you’re a Suns fan: in which case you have very little to complain about. Phoenix is currently up 2-0 in their series against the Nuggets, and last night, a jumbotron legend was born during their win. 

Watch, and be amazed, at the OFFICIAL Thursday mood for this week. 

Have you ever seen anything so hype in your life?



Apparently, not even the players could match this kid’s vibrations! 



So there you have it folks, your Thursday inspiration. Attack today with the enthusiasm of the Suns kid. 

(H/T Suns)