Yesterday, it was announced that the NHL would have an All-Star Celebrity Shootout at this year’s All-Star game. It’s been a long time since the NHL has had a Celebrity All-Star hockey, so there are bound to be some new faces.

In fact, the last time they did it, was when the game was in Los Angeles as well.

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The year was 2002, and actors such as Tim Robbins, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Chris Jericho played in the event. We wouldn’t be surprised to see any of them at the event again this year, and the same goes for other commonly seen hockey players Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves and Jerry Bruckheimer. However, this article will look at newer celebrities that may show up to the game this year. After all, the NHL is becoming a young man’s game.

Here are our top candidates:


Taylor Kitsch

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One of Kitsch’s most famous roles was as “Tim Riggins” on Friday Night Lights, but in real life, he is better known for his hockey talent. Kitsch played Junior A in the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) when he was 20 years old, putting up 23 points in 36 games.

He stopped playing after a knee injury, but he may want to show off some of his skills. He has been a judge at past all-star games, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in action this year.


Michael Buble

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Canadian singer and Canucks fan is well-known for his smooth voice, but this could give him a chance to show off his silky mitts.


Steve Carell

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Office fans may remember the episode in which Michael Scott hammers Toby into the boards. Steve Carell actually plays hockey and is the fore-runner to run the goalie in the shootout.


Justin Bieber (Ft. DJ Khaled)

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The Biebs shows off his hockey skills all the time online, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see him pull out the dangles in the All-Star game. Also, was recently seen with DJ Khaled playing road hockey, and they claimed to have something in the works. Could this be it?


Shawn Mendes

This one is for the young whippersnappers out there. Mendes is arguably Canada’s biggest upcoming star and his appearance in an NHL All-Star game would definitely attract some younger viewers.



A young Drake in his Weston Red Wings gear

This one’s a long shot, but Drake did play hockey growing up and says he played with the “good kids”. If he wants to prove that to everyone, there’s no bigger spotlight.

This is what he told ESPN about his hockey career growing up in Toronto:


“The Life: Did you play hockey growing up? 

Drake: Yeah, I did. I played for the Weston Red Wings. 

The Life: Were you pretty good? What position did you play first of all? 

Drake: Right wing. 

The Life: A fast little guy? 

Drake: Yeah, I was all right. I ended up making it to Upper Canada College hockey camp, which is where good kids get sent. 

The Life: And then what happened? 

Drake: And then I got cross checked in the neck and my mother wouldn't let me play anymore.

Seann William Scott


Now, Seann William Scott has stated that he’s nothing special at hockey, but he can be the goon of the group. He’s been trained in that art.


It was mainly just a list of famous Canadians, but that’s pretty representative of the NHL as well. So, the math checks out.