The Toronto Raptors take the court on Wednesday for their 2023/24 season opener, and it’s a hot ticket for Torontonians to get! In fact, we have the EXACT prices for just how hot of a ticket they are.

A few weeks ago, the Raps hosted their media day in which we were afforded some time with them. DZ used that time to shoot the second edition of NBA Players guessing the prices of expensive stuff.

DZ offers up a number of expensive items for the Raptors players to estimate the price tag. We’re talking everything from tickets to the home opener, to an egregiously inaccurate Scottie Barnes stuffed doll, to an entire hydraulic NBA-regulation basketball net. The prices were wildly different, as were the guesses from the Raps!



Almost $100,000 for a hoop?! $96 for home opener tickets in the nosebleeds with an obstructed view?!

What a crazy world.

Want to see how last year’s Raptors did at guessing the price of expensive items? Check it out here!



What items should we quiz the Raps on prices for next media day? Let us know in the comments!