It took great games from many Canadian players to lift Team Canada to gold at the 2020 World Juniors on Sunday. They couldn’t have done it without captain Barrett Hayton, Akil Thomas’ ridiculous game-winning goal, goals from Connor McMichael and Dylan Cozens, tournament MVP Alexis Lafreniere, goalie Joel Hofer, the list goes on.

But an unlikely hero not on the roster also stepped up late in the game. With Canada already on the penalty kill with minutes left, an errant puck flew towards the stands and seemingly had the Canadians forced to preserve their lead on a 5-on-3 PK.

The TSN television camera had other ideas.



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The Russians were incensed that no penalty was whistled on the play, and we get it. You know, nobody is quite sure why there was no penalty, but we don't think any Canadians are complaining. One possible explanation is that hitting a "structural object above the ice surface" can be grounds to avoid a penalty.

Either way, in an instant, the TSN camera became a folk hero. Somebody even made a parody account for the camera!

Only question left is, when is the TSN camera getting its gold medal?