Penguins fans have likely found themselves in a tough spot while purchasing a new jersey. Sidney Crosby is obviously a safe choice, but what about Geno Malkin? The guy is not only a Hart Trophy winner, but a character off the ice as well.

So if you’re too indecisive… why not go with both?! ON THE SAME JERSEY!!!!

On Adidas’ Russian app, you can actually get a combination of the two. If we saw someone rocking this puppy at a Pens game we gotta be honest, we’d think they were a complete legend. Wouldn’t you?!


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That’s what we’re talking about right there. Combining two of the best players on the same jersey is a complete power move, even if Adidas didn’t even do this intentionally. Like imagine a 34 Leafs jersey with Marner on the back, that’d be pretty money. And hey, at least this jersey had no spelling mistakes on it?!


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Sign us up for one of these jerseys, seriously.

(H/T u/FlyingAssasin)