Rookie camps are in full swing across the NHL, and apparently, so are the players. 

Tonight, the Arizona Coyotes rookies faced off against the Golden Knights youngins,’ and things were more heated than you’d expect in a rookie camp. 

The Coyotes came out of this one victorious, downing Vegas 3-2.

In a game where there were five goals scored? There was also three fights. 

Yes, three. 

While we know this sort of thing was the norm back in the day, we’re lucky to see three fights every seven NHL games. Let us revel in this one a bit, okay?

Here they are, in all their gritty glory. 





Was this actual animosity? A bunch of kids trying to make an impression? We’re not sure, but we’re on board. 

(H/T: Twitter/TWG1992 and Twitter/JesseGranger_