All athletes can agree that things can get a little tense with their teammates. A number of things can cause frustration like when your team underperforms, or when someone messes up a drill, or maybe when someone requests a trade from their current team.

Harden didn’t exactly keep it a secret that he wanted out of Houston. At this point, everyone in the NBA world knows that he wants to leave. Even though he no longer wants to represent the team, he still reported to training camp on December 8. Yes it was one week late, but at least he showed up right?

As anyone could have probably guessed, things don’t seem to be going that great with the Rockets behind the scenes. The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that Harden threw a ball at Rookie Jae'Sean Tate during practice on Monday! He also reported that he had multiple verbal confrontations with teammates in practice on Sunday and Monday.

There’s one more day until the Rockets are back in action, but there’s still one question that remains: Will Harden play or not play?

(H/T Bleacher Report)