Look, we won’t pretend to know the rules of arena football well enough to understand how the out-of-bounds rules apply. We’ll just tell you that this catch, by the Washington Valor’s Jared Dangerfield (get a load of that name!), was indeed a catch, and that it was incredible.

Clearly, the need to get a foot down like in the NFL doesn’t apply, although that may be because with the 48-inch barriers walling off the field, there aren’t many situations where the play can go out of bounds.

At something like a gain of 80 yards, this catch was going to be remarkable under any circumstance, but doing so while literally flipping into the crowd, though, is something else entirely. It’s something you see on occasion in baseball, and even then, it’s always impressive. In football, where it never happens? Man.

We’ll let you decide for yourself. Was Dangerfield’s catch better than this one, with the perfect landing, by Texas Rangers prospect Eric Jenkins?


h/t Twitter/SportsCenter