Generally, learning how to skate is a prerequisite to learning how to play hockey, but not for this young hockey team as they take to the ice in the form of a wobbly mess with hockey sticks.

It begs the question: Who are the adults in charge here, teaching hockey to a bunch of kids before teaching them to stand on skates? Oh, that’s right, it’s these adults, who are literally pushing falling kids around with hockey sticks.


Seriously, what is going on here?! Are people paying for their kids to stumble around on the ice? Is this the greatest hustle ever, or just somebody’s twisted form of entertainment? Is there any footage of whatever practice or (could you imagine) game this is from? Nothing wrong with starting ‘em young, but let’s not ignore the fundamentals, right?

We have so many questions, and so little answers, and so many kids just piled up on the ice. Even a team of dogs could play a better game of hockey than this particular hockey team.



Can somebody get this good doggy a stick already🏒🐶! . (H/T @hockey_news_schweiz)

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