If you have tissues within an arm's reach, we suggest you grab them before reading this story.

The St. Louis Blues’ playoff run has been magical so far, and it just got even better.

The Blues are currently engaged in a Conference-deciding battle against the San Jose Sharks in a series that’s tied 1-1. This on-ice battle seems very important, but it’s nothing compared to a battle that was going on off the ice that one of their biggest fans, Laila Anderson, just won in heroic fashion.

Anderson was suffering from a rare disease called HLH, or hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, which is a life-threatening condition where a patient’s immune system begins to attack their own tissues and organs. The disease is a vicious one, with a treatment that proves to be just as intense.  Earlier this season, the Blues actually helped her search for a bone marrow donor.

Last week, she completed her treatment, and celebrated just like the Blues do - with Gloria.




This marked the end of a gruesome treatment, but also, the end of being up in her home or the hospital, where she’s spent the past four months.

Today, she found out where her first big outing is going to be, and our hearts are absolutely melting at the reaction.



What an amazing moment for one of the toughest little girls there is.

Hopefully, her team performs well in Game 3, and we’ll be on the lookout for her!

(H/T: St Louis Blues