The playoffs haven’t quite started yet but hey, why not get the fun started a little early?

The Tampa Bay Lightning visited the Toronto Maple Leafs for what was essentially a meaningless game in the standings. Tampa had the President’s Trophy locked up weeks ago and once again, the Buds will be the road team in a first round series against the Bruins. Even though there was no black and yellow to be found on the ice, one die-hard Bruins fan took it upon himself to troll the Leafs with gutless sign. A fan did, however, take exception by using the sign to "wipe where the sun don’t shine."

The whole thing was just great.


10/10 for creativity points but we're just curious about something: did this dude pay hundreds of dollars for tickets just to taunt fans? If so that’s pretty boss, but kind of seems like a poor investment. Could he not have just waited to bring this one out in 10 days when the B’s visit town? Honestly, good on the guy for taking exception because no one likes a troll.



To add some salt on the wound for Leaf fans, the whole night didn’t go in their favour. Tampa took care of business with a 3-1 win while the Bruins managed to shut the Minnesota Wild out in Minnesota. Toronto has now lost four of their last five and will close their season out in what’s currently being viewed as a must-win game for the Montreal Canaidens on Saturday night.


Buckle up hockey fans, because this one could end up being the best series of the first round.