At the end of this hockey season, Artemi Panarin’s contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets will expire.

Much to Jackets’ fans chagrin, even though Panarin was eligible to sign an extension on July first, he opted to wait, and as of now, there’s been no movement on the contract front.

When there is movement, however, Panarin is banking on a huge payday.



The former Calder Trophy winner, who put up 82 points last season for the Blue Jackets, which was the bes on the team, will obviously be fielding plenty of offers when he hits the free agency market. This Columbus-based distillery is determined to entice Panarin to stay, and put this tempting offer on a local billboard.


The ad promises the Russian forward free High Bank vodka for life, and we think it’s a fairly tempting offer. For the record, it was actually his agent that tweeted this, so it could be a good sign for Columbus fans.

We’re not sure if history is on High Bank’s side, though, and you might remember John Tavares being offered a lifetime supply of bagels had he decided to stay with the New York Islanders.


We all know how that story ended, but the ending to the Panarin tale remains to be seen.


(H/T: Twitter/@HockeyAgent1)