Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL right now, and he seems to be widening that gap. His ridiculous mixture of speed, hands, and hockey IQ are unmatched.

Even though we all know how amazing he is, every once in a while a stat comes along that once again drops our jaws to the floor. One of those stats, pointed out in an Emily Kaplan Power Rankings article for ESPN, did just that.

McDavid recently reached 500 career points, which is a significant milestone for any player let alone one that’s only 24 years old as of January. What’s even more impressive is the fact that each increment of 100 points game in less and less games throughout his career.

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He just keeps getting better and better.

This could, of course, have to do with the overall development of the team around him, but the fact his progress hasn’t wavered once is enough to make any non-Oilers fan plug their ears and start singing. It’s pretty unbelievable what this guy has been able to do in his young career.

(H/T Emily Kaplan, ESPN)