Tattoos are a great way to commemorate an incredible moment that means a lot to you.  For example, Cubs fans commemorated their team's World Series win this past season with some awesome ink.

That being said, time and time again we see fans go out on a limb and get a championship tattoo before their team has even won.

If said team does end up winning, you look like a genius, but if they don't win, then you look like this guy who got a Dallas Cowboys 'Super Bowl LI Champions' tattoo in December.

We understand the logic behind stand-up comedian Jordan Garnett's tattoo.  In December, the Cowboys were rolling to the top seed in the NFC, which they ended up getting.

That being said, nothing is guaranteed, and the Boys ran into a red-hot Aaron Rodgers this past Sunday.

Now that Dallas is out, Garnett is being ripped apart on social media by fans.

For all those fans that are chirping Jordan, he actually could have the last laugh, as pointed out by the Palm Beach Post:

Garnett is adding an extra ‘I’ to his tattoo so it will read “Super Bowl LII champions” — an early prediction for the the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota.

“Obviously, I’m not that great with guarantees,” he said. “But I’ll guarantee it again: We’ll win it next year.”

If that fails, he has another fall-back: Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

After that, problems. The 2020 title game will be at Hard Rock Stadium.

That’s Super Bowl LIV.

With Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant and company together for the foreseeable future, Jordan has a good chance of not running into any problems with his tattoo.

As we said before, though, there are no guarantees, especially when this man is in the same conference.



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