There's no response to the loss of a player quite a passionate or negative as burning a jersey. LeBron James fans have done it, Kevin Durant fans have done it, Vince Carter fans have done it and now an Isaiah Thomas fan has done it.

The thing is...there's quite a big difference between I.T.'s move and the moves of those other three players. Thomas didn't want to leave. Tuesday, following the news that Thomas had been dealt to the Cavaliers in a deal for Kyrie Irving, one fan had a totally irrational response, sharing a video of himself burning his jersey.

Seeing as how I.T. was a beloved star in Boston who had shown nothing but admiration for the Celtics, leading them to the Eastern Conference Finals on heart alone, people were understandably confused with the fan's decision to torch his jersey. 

Yeah, the decision to burn the jersey of someone who sweat it out for your team until their last minutes with the franchise makes absolutely no sense. In fact, the burning of jerseys in general doesn't make any sense. Let's hope to see less responses like that, and more responses like this...