In your lives, you've all seen some pretty wild goal that you never could've imagined would beat a goaltender and makes its way into a net for a goal.
Over in the second division of the Swiss League, we stumbled across one of the more peculiar and equally impressive goals you'll ever come across.
During a game between EHC Olten and HC Thurgau, the game was coming down to the wire deadlocked at 3-3. One of the players on Olten cut into the middle of the slot and fired a shot high over the crossbar. The puck bounced off the glass and landed on the back of the net. Before the ref had the chance to blow the play dead, a Thurgau player flicked the puck off the netting where it landed in the crease.
The goaltender had no idea where the puck was, as the player then skated into the crease and tapped the puck in.


What are the chances?

It's one thing to have the puck land on the back of the net, but then to have the player perfectly flick the puck up and over the net essentially passing to himself before tapping it in. Was that something he's practiced, or just a spur of the moment decision that worked out?
Should the ref have blown the play dead earlier? Tell us what you think.