If you surveyed millennials asking them what their favourite hockey jersey of all time is, 8/9 out of 10 would likely answer with, “the old Anaheim Mighty Ducks one.” Pending Hall of Fame inductees Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya used to don the green, white and purple, and beer league teams have tried to replicate the unique sweater with a twist ever since.

Of all the attempts using the team's old logo, perhaps none have been as impressive than the one you’re about to witness. Dylan Nowak, a sports graphic artist, shared his perfect combination of the team’s new and old jerseys. Check it out.


This past month we shared a few other concepts by Nowak, which you may have found actually looked better than some of the teams’ existing jerseys. The most recent one that he posted on his Instagram account was his take on the 2018 Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic tarps.

If you’re into jersey concept designs, you might want to give Dylan a follow, as he’s regularly releasing some pretty remarkable stuff.

(H/T Dylan Nowak Art)