It’s always nice to see an artist release their own twist on an NHL sweater, but it’s even better when they use a unique logo.

We’ve recently been featuring some of artist Dylan Nowak’s work, and it’s primarily received positive feedback from our followers. One of his finest pieces includes an Anaheim Ducks jersey which perfectly incorporates the team’s old logo.


There are some other fire designs on his page, but one that particularly stands out is a concept he did for the Boston Bruins. Nowak not only created his own jersey pattern, but also used an original logo from @SportsTemplates. Take a look as everything ended up coming together very nicely.



The jersey has somewhat of an old school feel to it, and the pants, gloves, and socks are underrated parts of the uniform.

Embedded Image

Take a look at Dylan’s account for some of his other work, as you’ll likely be impressed with what you see.

(H/T Dylan Nowak Art)